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Weighing hopper - SEWA

Automatic weighing, storage and discharge of powderey, grainy or ground raw materials.

Basic technical information

Weighing hopper dimensions:  

580 mm

Weighing hopper capacity:


60, 80 or 100 kg

Swivel pipe:



Suspension:wall mount, ceiling mount, frame/floor mount
Weighing hopper height:1.410 mm or 1.700 mm
Shut-off valve:manual
Outlet dimension:200 mm
Filter type:pressure filter in a closed design
Filling pipe dimensions:50 mm/60 mm
Number of weighing cells:single-point weighing
Exhaustion pipe ø:90 mm

General function

The hb-SEWA-container scale weighs flour and other pneumatically transportable raw materials precisely and dust-free. The weighing is done with a digital load cell, thus achieving high weighing accuracy. The transport pressure air can escape through the fabric filter and the exhaustion pipe to the outside. (ATEX)


Overall product-related parts are made from stainless steel, and if applicable, food-safe material. The filter permeability is below 5 mg/m³ air mass. Mounting using scale frame is standard, rear mounting or frame is possible.


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