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Liquids scale - FWI

Automatic weighing, storage and dosing of liquids.

Basic technical information

Storage capacity:  

20 - 500 Liter

Scale dimensions:


300 - 800 mm

Container height:


400 - 1.000 mm

Storage material:oil, water, brine and others
Construction material:stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Insulation:included or excluded
Scale filling:manual or dosing valve
Discharge type:gravitational or pump
Outlet dimensions:3/4", 50 mm or 80 mm
Transport via:butterfly valve, manual outlet valve, outlet valve electropneumatic or butterfly valve and pump
Discharge capacity:5 to 80 litres/min.
Container suspension:wall mount, ceiling mount or floor mount
Automatic cleaning:excluded or pressure spray nozzle 360° rotatable
Weighing cells:one or three-point weighing
Container lid:removable or hinged
Control:weighing with PLC and backcontrol (extra offer item)

General function

Weighing of liquid components by inflow dosing and automatic discharging.


Containers and scale components made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316, wall mount console with load cells or foot construction.


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