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Ingredient scale

Manual ingredient weighing for very difficult or non-automatable ingredients, with online connection to the recipe computer.

Basic technical information

Scale type:  ingredient scale ZWB
Scale range:0-30 kg or 0-60 kg
Resolution:starting from 2 grams
Scale bridge size:400 x 300 mm or according to requirements
Construction material:stainless steel
Operation terminal:option
Online connection:backcontrol
Installation place:table, stainless steel wall consoles or as moveable/sliding scale




General function

Service-free component scale for fast and secure recipe processing or for bag filling via bag holder. Individual components will be sent by the recipe computer one after the other to the ingredient scale. As soon as one component is weighed, automatically the next one will be displayed. The limit of accepted dosing tolerance can be set. It is assured that the recipe accuracy remains within the desired tolerance and no component can be forgotten. All information about consumption statistics, storage conditions, reordering, calculations, etc. is available. All recipes are documented and traceable.


All surface parts are made from stainless steel. The support feet may be levelled with gentle table support. The cable connections to the computer are pluggable. Precision scale ZW2: max. 2 kg, resolution 0.5 g




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