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Weighing hopper - BWI

Automatic weighing, storage and safe, quick discharge of powdery, grainy or ground products from silos, bag dumping stations, Compo, big-bag stations via electro-pneumatic shut-off valve and swivel pipe or two-three-way separators into dust aspiration hoods or kneaders.

Basic technical information

Storage capacity:  150/200/250 kg
Weighing hopper dimension:800 mm
Weighing hopper height:according to capacity
Storage content:bulk ingredients- powdery, crystalline, grainy
Construction material:stainless steel
Discharge type:60° cone and vibration unit or fluidised bed
Outlet dimension
Filter type:standard filter, suction-pressure filter, jet filter 300/600 mm
Weighing cells:triple-point weighing
Swivel pipe:option
Temperature sensor:PT100 or excluded
Suspension:wall mount, ceiling mount, frame/floor mount
Two-way outlet diverter:option
Outlet connection:flexible tube, discharge pipe, two-way outlet diverter, swivel pipe, rotary sifter, dust aspiration hood, mixer




General function

Container scale for pneumatic filling. Depleting over drain pipe, swivel pipe or two-way drain pipe diverter. Rotary sifter machine can also be mounted and attached at the outlet! Compressed air for jet filters is to be supplied by the customer, on-site.


Product-related parts, container frames and frame mounts, if applicable container base frame are made of stainless steel. The filter permeability is below 5 mg/m³ air mass.


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