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Blending scale

Flour blending machine for different types of flour and flour improvers (ingredient/additives) with automated weighing.

Basic technical information

Capacity:  500 - 2.000 litres
Construction material:stainless steel
Diameter:800 - 1.200 mm
Height:1.200 - 2.500 mm
Blender motor:7,5 kW
Filter:jet filters 300 / 600 mm
Inlets:up to 8 pcs., 1 pc for pneumatic feed
Load control:4 pcs digital load cells
Suspension:frame or floor mount




General function

According to recipes, up to 8 different types of main ingredients and various small ingredients are automatically filled into the scale and get well blended within minutes. The premix can be depleted to an optional sending hopper for conveying to storage tanks.


Stainless steel hopper with blending spiral, electro-pneumatic shut off valves for inlets and outlet, load cells for content monitoring and regulation over the control system.


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