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Outdoor silo round

Outdoor silos round are suitable for most bulk materials and are used with particularly high demands on durability and hygiene.

Within the available silo types, this design is the costliest due to the type of construction. The silos have to be transported in a whole piece to the installation site.

Storage capacities: from 10 m³ to 120 m³ (other sizes on request)

Basic technical information



Silo round for outdoor installation



On request (extra charge)

Silo size:


from 5 to 120m2
Other sizes on request.

Silo casing material:


Aluminum or stainless steel

Storage content:


powdery, coarsely ground, crystalline, or grainy products

Discharge type:


vibration discharge or fluidsed bed discharge

Dimension of the discharge:






Silo filter type:


attachment jet filters

Silo door:


on the substructure
1.000 x 1.800mm

Pressure safety:


over-/underpressure valve and overpressure sensor with pressure butterfly valve

Full level indication:



Explosion protection:


pressure release-burst disc



climbing ladder, walkway to other silos, silo weighing, empty level indication, size of silo door, height of silo feet, silotop housing cover

Intended use

Storage silo for flour, sugar or other powdery or crystalline or granular non-fatty raw materials.


  • Foundation point load info with layout drawing
  • Silo design according to VDI2263 and VDI 3673
  • All product contacting parts in food proof design



Flyer EN
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Flyer in English with table of available silo sizes