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Indoor silo round

Round indoor silos with fluidized bed discharge or vibration bottom discharge are suitable for most bulk materials and are used with particularly high demands on durability and hygiene.
Within the available silo types, this design is the costliest due to the type of construction. The silos have to be transported in a whole piece to the installation site.

The discharge can be carried out either with a fluidized bed or with a vibration bottom discharge.

Storage capacities: from 10 m³ to 120 m³ (other sizes on request)

Basic technical information

Silo size:1 m3 bis 90 m3
Storage capacity:depending on bulk density
Silo casing material:aluminium or stainless steel
Storage content:powdery, coarsely ground, cystalline or grainy products
Discharge type:fluidised bed or vibration discharge disk
Silo filter:area filter, jet filter or external filter
Industrial version:climbing ladder and roof guard rails
Standard accessories:rotary paddle
Optionen:full level indication, empty level indication, silo weighing device, constructional explosing protection

Intended use

Internal silo in round design with vibration discharge or flow transfer for installation in storage areas approved by the authorities. Storing and discharging dusty, crystalline, crushed and granular products, e.g. Salt, sugar, baking aids, meal, cereals, flours and much more.

General function

Silo filling: The flour is supplied to the silo by a filling pipeline. The conveyor air is separated through the silo filter.

Silo discharge: Storage silo with discharge device by fluidized bed or vibrating discharge plate. The transport of the storage goods can be carried out pneumatically via through-flow sluices, feed-through sluices or via feed conveyors.


Silo casing material: Parts in contact with the product are made of food proof materials with reinforcements, inspection glasses and man-hole access.

Discharge type: Fluidised bed discharge with aeration or vibration discharge disk with vibration motor.

Silo cover: Consists of a metal cover with reinforcements and an attached jet filter or area filter for the air separation



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