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Indoor silo angular - fluidized bed

Indoor silos for installation in suitable and approved storage rooms are in many respects an interesting solution for bulk material storage.

The modular design allows space-saving and cost-effective transport and enables the installation in buildings in segments. Due to the angular base and and the fluidized bed bottom, low height losses (silo bottoms with small inclination), the available space can be optimally utilized.

Storage capacity: from 1 m³ to 90 m³

Basic technical information

Silo size:see table
Storage capacity:see table
Silo casing material:aluminium or stainless steel
Storage content:Rye-, wheat-, or starch flour
Discharge type:fluidised bed discharge
Discharge capacity:1 - 8 to/h
Silo filter type:area filter, jet filter or
external  filter
Industrial version:climbing ladder and roof
guard  rails
Standard accessories:rotary paddle
full level indication
Options:emty level indication,
silo weighing device,
constructional explosion protection




Intended use

Indoor silo for installation in storage rooms which are officially approved. Storage, fludising and discharge of wheat flour and rye flour as well as starch flour.



General function

The flour is supplied to the silo by a filling pipeline. The conveying air is separated through the silo filter. The flour which is stored in the silo, is intensively aerated by the air ventilation system on the fluidised bed during the extraction. This prevents formation of sediment cones of flour in the silo edges and flour ‘bridges’and the flour is enriched with oxygen. When the flour is extracted from the silo, the fluidised flour flows to the deepest point on the silo bottom, the outlet chute. From there the flour is transported further by a blow-through rotary valve, a  flow-trough rotary valve or a conveying screw.




Silo casing material: Parts in contact with the product are made of food proof materials with reinforcements, inspection glasses and man-hole access made of Plexiglas.

Fluidised bed discharges: Single or double discharge. The fluidised bed construction, the base of silo and silo feet (construction parts) are made of  galvanised sheet steel.

Silo cover: Consists of a metal cover with reinforcements and an area filter, jet filter or external filter for the air separation.



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Flyer in English with table of available silo sizes