Products - overview

Raw material automation systems from hb-technik are compiled from a variety of individual components, such as silos, automatic feeders, dosing systems for liquids, according to the customer's specific requirements.


  • Indoor silo angular
  • Indoor silo round
  • Outdoor silo round
  • Outdoor silo angular with thermal insulation and isolation

Holding of the silos

  • fluidised bed
  • oscillation plate

 Silo material

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • steel coated Stahl beschichtet - for NON-FOOD applications


  • from 1m3 to 120m3

stored goods >> bulk goods

  • Powdery: Flour, spices, starch, additives, milk powder etc.
  • crystalline: salt, sugar
  • granulates: pellets, plastic granulat
  • bruised grain: cereal grain
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pictogram silo systems
  • Sourdough
  • Predough
  • cook and stock cubes
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pictogram predough systems
  • SEWA
  • BWI
  • Central weighing station
  • Blending scale
  • Floor scale
  • Ingredient scale
  • Liquids scale
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pictogram weighing systems
  • Big bag stations
  • Bag dumping stations
  • Manual ingredients storage
  • Ingredient dispensers
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pictogram ingredient systems
  • Yeast dissolver
  • Bread cream mixer Aromapro 300
  • Salt dissolver
  • Butter-Fat dissolver
  • Liquids storage tank
  • Liquids dosing supplies
  • water dosage
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pictogram liquid systems
  • Kneader filling and dust aspiration hood
  • Central dust aspiration
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pictogram dust aspiration

Pneumatic and supplies

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pictogram conveying systems
  • Liquid ice machine
  • Water cooling devices
  • Water cooling plants
  • Heat exchangers
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pictogram dough cooling systems
  • Weighing computer
  • Recipe computer
  • Standardized switchboard
  • Switchboard modular construction
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pictogram control