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Completely automatic production of rye- and wheat sourdough, and pre-dough. Automatical discharge dosing to one or more target points controlled by the recipe computer.

Basic technical information

Tank volume (gross):   500, 750, 1000, 1500 litres
Storage capacity pre-dough:approx. 70% of the tank volume
Tank dimensions:volume dependent,
ø 1000 - 1600 mm,
height 1600 - 3000 mm
Storage content:rye- or wheat sourdough / pre-dough
Construction material:stainless steel
Agitator:soft starter, right / left turn
Tank wall scraper:teflon changeable
Temperature control:inclusive heating and cooling, insulation
Motor capacity:volume dependent, 1,5 - 4,0 kW
Autom. water supply:temperature controlled (extra Pos.)
Dischage type:rotary lobe pump (extra Pos.)
Autom. cleaning:pressure spray nozzle, 360° rotating, program controlled
Electric control:attached to device or external (coated steel)
Filling:flour and water automatically
Production control:with backcontrol (extra Angebotspos.)
Discharge control:with PLC and backcontrol
Filter type:attachment vibration filter, jetfilter, seperator or external dust aspiration

General function

Automatic europro-filling from Silos by two-way pipe diverter. Automatic water dosing and temperature control with PTI 100, TA from 190 to 240 with any starter culture. Program controlled production according to the individually configurable recipe. Automatic recipe controlled discharge and dosing. Weighing and control of all inputs and discharges by 4 digital load cells. Each sourdough type can be saved and accessed as a recipe. (e.g. with backcontrol). Automatic cleaning over rotating spray nozzles with hot and cold water, all pipes are also flushed with water. CIP or pigging system on request. The cooling capacity is limited through the tank surface and can be extended with external heat exchangers.


All parts made of stainless steel, tank dome with safety switch, tank lid with overpressure- and ventilation valves. Air separation: vibrating filter, jetfilter, separator or central dust aspiration.


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