Predough system - Overview

Predough systems are divided into the categories

  • Predough (eg wheat pre-dough - with yeast addition)
  • Sourdough (eg rye sourdough - with starter cultures or with seed material)
  • Soaking, brewing, cooking pieces (eg flour cooker, grainswell)

Hb-technik offers hand-made machines and stand-alone systems as well as modular, fully automated industrial plants.

From the machines and components available, hb-technik has assembled best-practice concepts for various technologies and production capacities from decades of experience. Further information is available in the categories.

In addition to the best-practice concepts, the hb-technik team, which consists of technologists, engineers and sales engineers, will be pleased to advise you and create a concept specially adapted to your application.




A part of the flour, water and yeast which is used in the main dough will be pre-blended and fermented. This predough will be added to the main dough later.

Depending on the final product, a number of positive effects can be achieved when using a predough, compared to a direct dough technology.

Predoughs are also known under the following terms:

  • wheat predough
  • Poolish
  • BIGA
  • Pâte Fermentée

The use of pre-doughs is customary with the following products:

  • ciabatta
  • Large pored bakery products
  • Pizza
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In the case of sourdough, some of the flour and the water are blended and fermented before the main dough is produced. The difference to predough is, that bacteria cultures are used and added instead of the yeast. Starter cultures or cultivates from different manufacturers can be used to achieve the desired dough technology effect and taste profiles.

The following terms refer to the following terms:

  •      wheat sourdough
  •      sourdough
  •      3-stage sourdough
  •      spelt sourdough
  •      Berlin Short Sour
  •      Detmolder One-step technology
  •      Saltsour - Monheimer procedure
  •      foam sourdough
  •      Gluten free products with sourdough
  •      Grundauer, Vollsauer

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The main purpose of cold soaks, hot soaks, cooking soaks is to increase the water hydration in the dough or to pre-soak and soften grains and seeds. In addition to the increased water absorption, a partial gelatinization of the starch takes place at high temperatures. A further fermentation with starter cultures or cooling can be realized in combination with machine modules of the predough/sourdough systems.

The hb-KORNKOCHER is a versatile machine for the production of:


  • cold soaks
  • hot soaks
  • cooking soaks
  • roasting of seeds, grains, nuts
  • soups
  • sauces
  • jam

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