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Yeast dissolver

Dissolving of bag- or pressed yeast with water. Storage, cooling and automatically dosing of yeast solution. Also available as dissolver without cooling, when a cooled storage tank is filled by the dissolving tank.

Basic technical information

Tank volume:  

500 Liter

Storage capacity:


400 Liter

Tank dimension:


ø 1000 mm

Storage commodity:Yeast solution
Construction material:stainless steel
Agitator:1,5 kW
Water connection:1/2" oder 3/4" cold-, chilled water
Discharge type:Pump for insulated ring piping (isolated)
Discharge capacity:15 Liter/min (1/2")
Load control:with 4 pcs. digital load cells
Automatic cleaning:360° rotating pressure spray noozles
Electric control:

attached to device or external (coated steel or stainless steel)

Filling-production control:with backcontrol (extra pos.)
Discharge control:by dosing counter and backcontrol (extra offer item)

General function

After input of the desired amount of yeast solution, the necessary quantity of water will automatically be dosed into the tank in the correct ratio. The needed amount of yeast will be shown and must be manually added to the tank. Subsequently, the lid must be closed and the device automatically starts the dissolving process. The yeast solution will then be cooled down to approx. 5 ºC. Weighing and control of all inputs and discharges by built-in load cells. Automatic cleaning via rotating spray nozzles with hot- and cold water, all pipes are also flushed with water. As an option, a pig cleaning system and/or CIP cleaning systems can be integrated in the piping.


All parts made of stainless steel, tank lid with safety switch.If the yeast dissolver is also used as storage tank, cooling and insulation is integrated.


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