Autom. water dosing device HB11C/HB11STA

Accurate, quick dosing of water and containment of desired water temperature. Singular discharges/dosings to kneading stations or target points.

Basic technical information

Water capacity/min:  

30 - 100 litres/min at 4 bar

Piping connection:

  1/2" or 3/4" or 1"
Water supply connections:hot-, network-, chilled water
Water dosing outlets:1 - 4 pcs.
Electric connection:230 VAC/ 50 Hz
Dimensions:540 x 340 x 200 mm
Temperature range:1° to 90° C
Pre-water separation:none or adjustable
Dosing accurancy:approx. 0,1litres
Temperature accuracy:approx. 1°C
Control device-HB11STA:SPS with 6" Touch Panel
Control device-HB11C:SPS with backcontrol (extra offer item)
Ring pipe insulated:by client, on site, recommended (no pre-water, even at small dosing amounts)

General function

The desired amount and temperature of water is automatically computer controlled with sensors and supply valves. A calorie calculation method decreases pre-water separation into the drain, or even avoids it completely.


Device housing construction and sensors in stainless steel. Valves 24V DC, sensors and dosing counter are PLC controlled. The integrated PLC is either connected to a recipe computer control backcontrol (HB11C), or is equipped with a 6" touchscreen display for stand alone operation (HB11STA). Sanitary installation by customer, on-site!


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