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Manual ingredient weighing table - ZVT

Hygienic and clean storage of powdery, coarsely meal, crystalline and grainy products like salt, sugar, baking agents, spices and flour, as well as the manual weighing or weighing via the online ingredient scale.

Basic technical information

Table length:  

2000/2500/3000 mm

Ingredient container 200 mm:


9 - 15 pcs.

Ingredient container 300 mm:


6 - 10 pcs.

Number of flour bins:4 - 7 pcs.
Ingredient scale type:ingredient weighing scale ZWBR 30 or 60 kg, online connected to recipe computer
Table depth:890 mm
Table height:850 mm
Construction material:stainless steel AISI 304
Ingredient container mounting:on integrated mounting frame
Options:support arm for recipe computer mounting, sliding rail/carriage for ingredient scale

General function

The manual weighing takes place over the ingredient scale.  The hb-ingredient scales have an interface to connect to the recipe computer or backcontrol. The ingredient storage constists of hygienic-design stainless steel containers of various sizes


Ingredient container and flour bins in stainless steel design. Width of the ingredients container (200 or 300 mm) is eligible. Width of flour bins is 400 – 500 mm. Table in stainless steel with 4 adjustable feet and stainless steel rim-limiter for the ingredient containers.

Option: Sliding rail/carriage for movable ingredient scales



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