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AUTOMATIC INGREDIENTS DOSING and weighing of several components such as powdery, coarse meal, crystalline, granular products like salt, sugar, additives, spices with recipe control computers. The containers can be filled manually by bags or pneumatically via a bag dumping station. The ingredients dispenser doses and accurately weighs the ingredients according to the recipe with a high accuracy (a few grams) and sends the batch automatically to remote discharge points.

The MODULAR DESIGN of the ingrediet dispensing units allows a CUSTOM-SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION. Various components and modules, such as different ANGULAR container sizes, dosing devices, etc. are selected according to the requirements of the products and customer specifications. They will be put together to tailor-made automatic ingredient dipsensing Units.

Basic technical information


2.000 - 5.000 mm



1.000 mm



1.800 - 3.500 mm

Storage capacity:4-20 containers of 180 to 400 Liter (arbitrary)
Construction material:stainless steel/aliminium
Discharge type:vibro-discharge or screw dosing devices
Discharge via:conveyor belt and sending hopper for pneum. conveying
Dosing accuracy:10 to 20 grams
Dosing quantity/component:up to 15 litres
Total dosing quantity:up to 40 litres
Discharge rates:2-10 kg/min (depending on material
Belt operation time:adjustable
Filling:bag dumping sys. or platform
Container cover:collapsible or with filter for bag dumping system
Dust aspiration:exclusive, central or built-in
Installation:completely pre-installed and wired
Recipe computer:exclusive, backcontrol
Options:full level indicator, emty level indicator

General function

The ingredients are stored in the Compo containers and automatically dosed onto the integrated conveyor scale. After weighing and dosing of all the recipe’s components, the conveyor scale delivers the ingredients automatically to one or more target points like flour weighing hoppers. For ingredients automation directly to the mixer bowls.


Frame construction:  

stainless steel/aluminium

Container construction:


stainless steel with inspection glasses

Conveyor belt:


4-point digital scale

Switchboard:coated steel (built-in) or stainless steel
Filling:with bag dumping system
Control system:Built-in PLC
Conveying system:equal to Compo 3000
Bag dumping station for filling:each ingredient container has an attached jet filter, with SE8 dumping station



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