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Flexible medium components station for suspending and exchanging of big bags for the storage and automated discharge of powdery, coarse meal and grainy products like salt, sugar, coarse meal, premixes, grains and additives.

Basic technical information

Rack width:  

1.400 mm

Rack depth:


1.400 mm

Rack height:


3.500 - 4.500 mm

Storage capacity:500 - 1.000 kg
Material:stainless steel
Storage content:powdery, coarsely ground, cystalline or grainy products
Volume:0.5 - 1.3 m³
Discharge type:vibration discharge plate
Discharge capacity:von 0.5 bis 6 to/h
Bag suspension:by fork lift or crane with sliding rail
Big bag opening:bag opening cover below the vibration discharge disc
Option:dust exhaustion connection

General function

The delivered big bags are suspended by the fork lift or crane with slide rail in the vibrating discharge plate. After manual opening of the bag, a continuous discharge of the products is ensured through the vibrating discharge system. The further conveyance of the storage good can be done pneumatically through blow-through rotary valves, through-feed rotary valves, conveyor belts or weighing conveyor belts.


All parts in contact with the product are made of food safe materials.

Supporting frame design: In stainless steel, solid manufactured supporting frames for suspending the big bags.

Discharge type:Vibrating discharge plate in stainless steel. All discharge elements of the vibrating discharge system are vibration-cushioned.

Bag suspension:By fork lift or crane with slide rail. The structure is designed for simple handling and changing of bags.


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