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Bag dumping stations - SE8

Hopper for the discharge of powdery, coarse meal, crystalline and grainy products like salt, sugar, flour, bakery improvers, shreds and grains from bags with a rotary valve or screw conveyors.

The bag dumping station SE8 is often used to fill ingredient dispenser-hoppers or Silos.

Basic technical information


1000 mm



1000 mm

Dumping height:


approx. 800 mm

Storage capacity:approx. 100 kg Mehl
Total volume:180 litres
Construction material:stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Storage content:powdery, coarsely meal, crystalline or grainy products
Discharge capacity:0.5 - 5 to/h
Intended use:filling of silos, filling of weighing hoppers, filling of containers or Compo Filling attached filter with aspiration, external filter with piping to central aspiration
Dust aspiration:attached filter with aspiration, external filter with piping to central aspiration
Standard accessories:bag rest grid/presieve
Standard accessories:vibraton motor
Options:empty level indicator, pneumatic beater

General function

The raw materials delivered in bags are depleted directly into the bag dump on a coarse presieve. The further conveying of the storage commodity takes place pneumatically through a blow-through rotary valve and blower (in vaccum- or  pressure mode) or mechanically with a screw conveyor.


Material: Parts in contact with the product are finished in stainless steel. A presieve grid serves as bag rest. If an aspiration system is attached, it is activated by an end-switch at the cover. A dust filter is integrated in the back upper part of the bag dump.  The dust is absorbed or exhausted through this filter.

Discharge  type: 
Cone discharge with vibration motor or vibro- pads. The rotary valve or the screw conveyor is an extra offer item.


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