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Kneader filling and dust aspiration hood - AHE

Extraction and prevention of flour and ingredient dust, which appears during container emptying into kneader bowls or during ingredient dosing. Flexible connetions for the raw material dosing lines in the dust aspiration hood.

Basic technical information

Extraction point:  

1 kneader

Extraction suction hood:


stationary or pneumatically lift-/lowerable

Construction material:stainless steel
Dust aspiration pipe connection:ø 90 mm
Weighing hopper connection type:filter tube 200, 250 or 300 mm
Kneader bowl heights:650,950 or 1100 mm
Kneader bowl ø:600 - 1000 mm, ø 900 - 1200 mm
Filling connections:for liquid components
Connection options:e.g. sourdough, wheat pre dough, yeast, water, oil, brine, bread cream, milk, eggs, liquid ice, glucose

General function

The weighing hopper outlet has dust-proof connection to the extraction hood using a flexible tube. A dust aspiration hood, stationary or liftable/lowerable, prevents the escape of dust from the bowl during kneader filling. The externally attached dust aspiration station Aircontrol or ZABS extracts the dust and  filters the extracted air with dust content of below 5 mg/m³ air. The filtered air can also be extracted to outdoor.


The dust aspiration hood is made from stainless steel. A pneumatic cylinder lifts and lowers the extraction hood before and after the filling of the kneader. All piping parts and wall consoles are made from stainless steel. The dust aspiration equipment (air control or ZABS) is an extra offer item.

Note: Further versions on request.


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