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Pneumatic transport unit for powdery, crystalline or grainy bulk goods. Capacity according to requirements from 0.5 - 10 to/h. For residue-free, hygienic raw material transport from silos, big bags, bag dumping stations, ingredient dispensers etc. to weighing hoppers or other target points.

Basic technical information

Conveying material  

Schüttgüter - staubförmige, kristalline, körnige Produkte

Conveying capacity:


0,5 bis 10 to/h

Piping material:


Aluminium oder Edelstahl

Piping length total:bis 100m

Schleusen, Inline Rohrsiebmaschinen, Druckregler, Freiblas-/saugeinrichtung, Rohrweichen, Gebläse, Absperrklappen


Based on the required conveying capacity and the layout planning, the needed component are chosen and dimensioned according to the calculations.

Pressure- or Vacuumpneumatic system

HB-Technik customizes the conveying system to your needs individually and chooses the best option for your application.

General function

The blow-through rotary valve (B) doses the raw material to the transport pipeline (F). There, the transported goods get catched by the air stream and are blown or sucked to the receiving point. Depending on the transport pipeline length and the number of pipe bends and rotary valves (B), the transport blower (C) is selected. The control provides pre-threshold point calculation and regulation for a completely empty piping.


For non-abrasive transport materials, the transport line is constructed in aluminium. For abrasive transport materials (e.g. sugar, salt, ...), the transport lines and product contacting parts must be constructed in stainless steel.


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