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Switchboard - Modular construction

Switchboard for electrical load control of complex units with PLC control modules by specification and the flow diagram.

Note: Earthing of the whole plant is important!  Installation of the switchboard outside of the silo room.

Basic technical information

Frame construction:  

stainless steel shiny or sheet or steel lacquered

Base type:


sheet or form pipe base

Cable entry:


from above or from below

Door panes:according to option
Protection class:Standard IP54
Frame type:standard frame
Switchboard:according to calculation

Functional module - Number of items according to project plan

  • Silo control module
  • Full-, empty module
  • Vibrating filter control module
  • Jet filter control module
  • Transport blower module up to 5.5 kW
  • Transport blower module up to 18 kW
  • Screening machine module
  • Pipe plate module
  • Compo-pressure sluice module
  • Scale module emptying
  • Kneader extraction station module
  • Floor scale control module yeast, residue
  • Silo overfilling control module
  • Bread cream discharging module
  • Yeast transport module
  • Sourdough transport module
  • Liquid control module
  • Ice control module
  • Big-Bag control module
  • Kneader control module
  • Bag filling module
  • Central extraction module
  • Food components module

General function

The module construction switchboard controls systems and devices and is equipped with protection switches, protection, timing relays, main safety switch, transformers and clamps. All functional parts are wired and interlocked; all cables and clamps are labelled.


The switchboard is made of shiny stainless steel or lacquered sheet steel. When opening the switchboard door, the power will be shut off automatically. The applicable safety guidelines of corresponding country norms are complied with. There is a switch plan in the switchboard. The actual switchboard size is calculated according to switch plan.



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