About us

We develop, test and produce about 90% of all catalogue products ourselves in our 3,500 sq.m. large own factory. Some of the few plant components like motors or blowers are ordered from few selected suppliers according to high quality standards, like for example Siemens.

We project and design with the best possible computer support and equipment and extensively use automated manufacturing. We document by means of a PPS system.

We use the best computers and machines, but crucial for success are always the employees of a company. Therefore, we take special care that the right people are assigned for the right jobs. Only those who like to work can perform much. Customer-oriented dealing is our attitude.

We are in command of our company and our products. In electronics as well, we use branded devices like for example: industrial computers or SPS hardware of renowned branded suppliers of international standard, but the engineering, programming, assembly, tests, updates, and all decisive performances are in the hands of the company and family members. All these are crucial points especially in the fast-moving computer and electronic industry for customer service, spares inventory and durability of the products. “We are independent”.

Visit our factory and see our capability for yourself. We would be glad to show you all the departments and the created product quality, availability, and the precise documentation of all plants produced in over 30 years.

Our advantage: There are no operative “interfaces”, but “seam joints”, which hold together the departments.